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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2012 Kuka Movement


Kuka Movement in the Punjab (1860-1872) -It was originally founded by Bhagat Jawahar Mal in 1840.His main aim was to purify the Sikh religion by removing all the abuses, superstitions and ill-practices from it. But after the British annexation of Punjab revival of Sikh power and sovereignty became the major objective of the Kukas.This caused a great deal of anxiety in the British official ranks. So they took various measures between 1863 and 1872 and were finally able to suppress this movement.

The Minister for Tourism and Culture Smt. Ambika Soni has said that an event connected with Kuka Movement has been included in the suggested list of Anniversaries to be observed during the commemoration year 2007-08 for the 150th Anniversary of First War of the Independence/ related events. Indian Council of Historical Research who have vetted the list of events have given the date of the event as 20.4.1872. The suggested list has been circulated to all State/ Union Territories Governments for organizing function in association with all sections of the society. The venue of the event is Delhi and Govt. of NCT of Delhi is to take further action. In a written reply in the Rajya Sabha today she said, the Government of India has also released a sum of Rs. One crore for the raising of Kuka Martyrs Memorial at Malerkotla during 2007-08. 

On the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of Kuka Movement, India issued this 5 rupees commemorative coin on 5th October, 2012, for general circulation. On this occasion, another coin, in the denomination of 100 rupees, was issued as proof / un circulated specimen.


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