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Saturday, October 1, 2011

King William IIII

William IIII (1765-1837)

Full Name: William Henry

Birth: 21-Aug-1765 at Buckingham House, London

Father: King George III

Mother: Queen Charlotte-Sophia

Died: 20-Jun-1837

Location of Death: Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England

King William IIII
William IV, born 21st August, 1765, was the third son of George III and Sophia. At the age of 13, William became a midshipman and began a career in the Royal Navy. In 1789, he was made Duke of Clarence. He retired from the Navy in 1790.

William succeeded his brother, George IV. On the 28th of June 1830 the death of King George IV placed him on the throne. He ascended the thrones of Great Britain, Ireland, and Hanover as King William IV on 26 June 1830, and was crowned on 8th September 1831.

In 1833 the Assay Master of the Calcutta Mint, James Prinsep, prepared and submitted to the Governor General in Council, Lord William Cavendish Bentinck who retired in March 1835, a project for reforming the weights and measures of the coins of British India. This was adopted in November 1833. The Governor General Sir Charles Metcalf passed the Act XVII on 17th August, 1835.

Gold Coins

The William two and one mohurs were struck for currency at the Calcutta Mint during 1835/6.

Two mohurs: Comes in both grained and plain edge. Size: 32.5mm. Weight: 23.32 grams. Issued date: 1835.

One mohur: Comes in both grained and plain edge. Size: 26mm. Weight: 11.66 grams. Issued date: 1835. (Comes with RS and F incuse).

Silver Coins
One Rupee: Grained edge. Size: 30.5/30.7 mm. Weight: 11.66 grams. Issue date: 1835. Comes with RS, F incuse, F incuse raised and no incuse.

Half Rupee: Grained edge. Size: 24.6/24.9 mm. Weight: 5.83 grams. Issue date: 1835. Comes with RS, F incuse, F incuse raised and no incuse.

Quarter Rupee: Grained edge. Size: 19.4/20 mm. Weight: 2.91 grams. Issue date: 1840. (Types: Continuous and divided legends). Comes with RS, F incuse, F incuse raised and no incuse.

Copper Coins

Half Anna:

Plain Edge: Size 29.5/31.2mm. Weight: 12.95 grams. Issue date: 1835 (Note: Obverse Coat of Arms of East India Company).

Quarter Anna:

William died a month after his niece, Victoria, had come of age, thus avoiding regency. William silver coins were withdrawn from circulation in 1896. Half Anna was withdrawn in 1964 while half Pice and 1/12th Anna was withdrawn in 1959.

Plain edge: Size: 25.3/26.2 mm. Weight: 6.47 grams. Issue date: 1835.

1/12th Anna:

Plain edge: Size: 17.5/17.9 mm. Weight: 2.16 grams. Issue date: 1835.

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