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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Five Hundred Rupees

Old Five Hundred Rupees
                  Observe Gandhi Face - Reverse Thandi March

Sign: R.N. Malhotra - Observe

Sign: R.N. Malhotra - Reverse

Sign: Venkitaramanan - Observe

Sign: Venkitaramanan - Reverse

Sign: C. Rengarajan - Observe

Sign: C. Rangarajan - Reverse

Sign: C. Rangarajan - Observe

Sign: C. Rangarajan - Reverse

Sign: Bimal Jalan - Observe

Sign: Bimal Jalan - Reverse

Sign: Reddy - Observe

Sign: Reddy - Reverse (Dark Olive Green Text)

Sign: Reddy - Reverse


  1. I saw the list of Governors and their period of incumbency and also their signatures. An amazing collection of data. This page may be posted before the collection of notes which may be used by other note collectors as a reference page.

    Thank you very much for your effort.

  2. Mr.rajesh,
    you have spelt wrong governors name:
    Venkittaramanan --> S VENKTARAMANAN(right)
    C. Rengarajan --> C RANGARAJAN(right)

    write 2 improve your spelling & grammer...

  3. Thank you Mr. Anonymous (what a lovely name)

    i have correct the spelling,

    yes i am not very good English fluency, basically i am tamilan, and First you have read your comment once more, i think spelt is not correct spell is correct,
    any way thank you

  4. Rajesh sir very very excellent collections...

  5. Rajesh sir i saw latest update excellent collections.... by Ramkumar.S (sivagiri)