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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Old Unknown Coins

Satavahana Old Coins

Yadava's Gold Coins 1200 AD

Unknown Gold Coins

Tanjore Nayaks Coins

Tanjore Nayaks Coins

Unknown Coins
Yadavas of Devar Singhana
India, Bombay Province, the Yadavas of Devar Singhana. Circa 1200-47 AD.
Gold Tankas. Ten gold coins. Extra fine. Each coin is about 3.8 grams.

Unknown Old Iron Age Gold Coins

Mr. Arun Joy C. Paladka's Old Ancient Unknown Coins  Place: Moodabidri  State: Karnataka

India Greek Ancient Unknown Coins
Indian Ship on lead Coin of Vashishtiputra Shri Pulumavitwo
Thanks : http://voices-and-visions.com/2011/12/02/indian-trade-with-ancient-rome/

My Unknown Old Coins

Unknown Coins Set 01

Unknown Coins Set 02

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